Why Should We Care?

Reality is different for our younger selves.

We lose 20 temporary milk teeth and replace them with 32 brand new, permanent ones. Our bones grow in size but reduce in numbers, from 300 bones at birth to 206 bones in adults. We gain muscle mass and neurons. We see many changes in our bodies, depending on our lifestyle choices, genetics, and various extrinsic factors.

Reality is different for our older selves.

At some point in time, we stop growing. This is the part where we, in essence, start degenerating.

We start seeing age lines on our faces. If we choose a poor diet, we see a faster impact on our health, in terms of weight, hormonal levels, and so on. Our wounds take longer to heal, our hair turns white. At this stage, we see the growth of our career, but the degeneration of our body. 

We have a thousand anti-aging creams to hide our wrinkles, hair colors to hide our grey hair, even mobile applications that smoothen our “war- scars”. 

What we do not have, or in fact do not pay much attention to, is the way our skeletomuscular health is degenerating: inevitably and irreversibly.

What we eat, drink, think, do, affects not only our skin and hair but also our bones and sinews. 

If we ignore our skeletomuscular health, we will be immobilized. And then neither our external beauty our successful careers will matter. 

That is when our fundamental ability to move around independently, and complete daily activities like going to the washroom or buying our groceries without suffering will matter. 

So why should we care? Because it matters what we do to our skeletomuscular system, and it matters starting now.

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