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Making Physiotherapy Data-Driven.

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These are the people who made Ashva what it is today.

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"When you empower your patients with data, you give your patients the chance to live a pain-free and wholesome life,"

- Anmol Saxena

Founder and CEO

Kausik Kumar Das: Chief Design Officer at Ashva

Kausik Kumar Das

Head of Design

Manu Prasad: Chief Product Officer at Ashva

Manu Prasad

Chief Product Officer

Abhishek Jaiswal: Chief Software Officer at Ashva

Abhishek Jaiswal

Head Of Software


Mukesh Pradhan

Head of App Development


Jayakrishnan K A

Head of Procurement and

Rahul Tripathy

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Dr. Padmanaban Sekaran PT

Chief Scientific Officer

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