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Making Physiotherapy Data-Driven.

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Making Musculoskeletal Healthcare

Envisioning a new world where best of the best musculoskeletal healthcare is decentralized and democratized to all.

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Tech that you can Count on!

A vision conceived not even 4 years back is now a strong community of data-driven physiotherapy clinics, hospitals and patients.

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Fitknees is an AI-enabled motion sensor based system for comprehensive Knee Function Assessment. Detailed data analytics reports called Kneeports®  are generated after every assessment that provides actionable insights into the progress of knee therapy.

Motor Examination

Range of Motion, Proprioception, Muscle Strength, Static Balance

Functional Examination

Dynamic Balance, Staircase Climbing, 6 Min Walk, Gait Analysis

Pain Score

Pain score is a set of 12 questions comprising the gold standard Oxford Knee Pain Score that can capture subjective feedback of the patient.

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India’s first NABL certified handheld dynamometer for isometric muscle strength testing (MMT) ergonomically designed to add value to clinical practice. Comprehensive analytical reports called Fitmust Progress reports are generated after every assessment.


Measures force upto 150 kgf with upto 98% accuracy.


Can test agonist muscle groups including wrist, elbow, shoulders, hip, knee and ankle.

Fitmust by Ashva

Why Choose Us?

Upgrade Your Physiotherapy Practice

Sleek and Portable

Our technologies pack a punch! Integrating laboratory-grade testing equipment into a sleek, beautiful briefcase.


Adaptive algorithms for the most accurate test results, no matter how the product is being used.

Simple to Use

Our user-friendly and to-the-point technologies will effortlessly blend into your daily practice.

Ultra Modern UI

Thoughtfully crafted by our team of engineers to give you the most luxurious user experience. Our technologies are sure to become your clinics’ pride.

Unique Value Proposition

Whether it's setting up a new clinic, expanding your practice, or growing your existing centre(s), differentiate yourself from the rest through AI-enabled technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check these out to see if we’ve answered them already!

Fitknees provides accurate measurements which may not be achieved through manual methods. It eliminates the concept of inter-tester reliability which means that the data remains constant and accurate no matter who the tester is. The product is also a step forward in enhancing the patient's experience. With it's non-invasive and non-repetitive procedure, Fitknees improves on the traditional doctor-patient dynamics.

The evaluation of gait patterns by and identifying specific problems is a very important part of a patient's rehabilitation process. Fitknees supplements the process with quantitative data and helps physiotherapists add objectivity to the assessment. With the product's features, one can document and record temporal and spatial variables of a person's gait accurately. This provides a therapist with vital information and adds credibility to diagnosis and prognosis. Fitknees overcomes the problems of observational methods or manual methods by producing quantitative values that are reliable. Most importantly, fitknees save clinicians large amounts of time and energy. 

Thanks to our ingenious manufacturing and free software, fitknees costs around 50% of the next most affordable comprehensive knee assessment device. For precise estimations, please reach out to our sales team through the Contact Us section below and we can have a good chat!

While it's not possible for patients to buy it directly, if they contact us, we can help them connect to the nearest clinic or physio we have partnered with for using or purchasing the product. Another alternative is them telling their physio about this and they consequently reach out to us for the same.

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