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Making Physiotherapy Data-Driven.

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Muscle Strength Testing Technology That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand.


A Must-have for Strength Assessment

98% Accuracy | 16 Muscle Group tests | Device

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Accurate Reading You Can Rely On

Clinically Validated And Backed By Hundreds Of Scientific Researchers.

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Generates 97% intra-examiner reliability compared to the standard average of 40%. Clinically validated and backed by hundreds of scientific researchers.


Capable of testing 16 muscle groups of the upper and lower peripheral including knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, and elbow Force range of 0-150 kgf with minimal threshold of 2 kgf and 0.1 kgf increment.


Generate powerful graphical numerical reports in seconds!

Is Fitmust backed by Scientific Validation?

Yes! Manual muscle testing(MMT) results in false impairment readings and poor evaluation. Evidence suggests that MMT is clinically useful but not reliable and valid (Cuthbert SC).

Beasley found that skilled examiners performing MMT often rated strength as normal in patients who had as much as 50 percent strength loss, as measured by quantitative testing. Krebs found that manual muscle testing was unable to detect weakness associated with femoral neuropathy when the strength deficit was less than 50% on quantitative testing.

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Check Extensive Assessment Reports On The Fitmust App

The perfect partner to our handheld dynamometer, the Fitmust app connects to your device and lets you access all the test reports and analysis for the same.


A Walk-Through For Fitmust

Swift Assessments

Fitmust can assess up to 16 muscle groups of the body including wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Seamless Operation

With powerful graphical and numerical computing, you can have your assessment reports in a matter of seconds.

Track Progress

Enabling storage of your patients' progress charts will help you in making the best treatment decisions. The charts presented for each tested muscle group will aid you in determining the future course of actions.

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Why is Fitmust a Breakthrough?

Apart from it’s state-of-the-art technology and design, Fitmust puts you at ease before you do the same for your patients. Here are a few ways in which Fitknees can help transform your practice forever:

For Physio

For Patients


Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check these out to see if we’ve answered them already!

As a vital tool used by therapists frequently, it is important for a clinician to look after themselves as well. Fitmust's ergonomic design not only helps clinicians avoid unnecessary strain on their bodies, but also works to provide accurate results. Therapists can avoid awkward positioning and faulty assessment methods though the use of Fitmust.

While it's not possible for patients to buy it directly, if they contact us, we can help them connect to the nearest clinic or physio we have partnered with for using or purchasing the product. Another alternative is them telling their physio about this and they consequently reach out to us for the same.

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