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Making Physiotherapy Data-Driven.

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The Last Word in Knee Health Assessment


For all your knee assessment needs

Gait Analysis in minutes, novel proprioception checks, and a lot more.

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Patients tend to rely more upon Data.

This is the underrated truth – the more data your patient is given, the more they trust you, and the more truthful they are!

Empower your patients to take charge of the treatment through solid graphical and numerical data.

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Create a Baseline

Quantify your patients’ knee health at the start of any knee injury treatment. Never waste another moment trying to convince a patient of treatment compliance. Let our Kneeport do the talking for you.

Set Treatment Goals

Give your clinical expertise a chance to really shine, by setting smarter treatment goals and ensuring that your patients visibly achieve them

Track Progress

Fitknees provides graphical charts at important milestones of the patient's treatment cycle to showcase the progress made so far and the journey planned ahead.

Fitknees Measures Vital Parameters of Your Knee.

Using our special AI-powered algorithm, Fitknees accurately measures your mobility, extension lag, inclination angle, proprioception, and muscle strength. It also calculates your static and dynamic balance, along with the most crucial test, the GAIT analysis. All this has been included keeping in mind our vision to make physiotherapy data-driven with greater patient ease.

Detailed Data-Driven Report for Easy Assessment.

Fitknees promotes trust and transparency by making sure your progress is quantified. We encourage patient customization and our accurate and quickly generated Kneeports take a step further in our vision to make physiotherapy data-driven. Our friendly UI and detailed parameters ensure your recovery is as smooth and stress-free as possible.


A Walk-Through For Fitknees


Extremely compact & comfortable to use in clinic and at home. An attractive addition to any clinical setup.


Never miss another assessment in your clinic with Fitknees. Deliver personalized and targeted treatment plan for your patients.


Anybody in the clinic can use Fitknees to conduct knee assessments.


Remotely assess your patient and securely access information and consult them anytime, anywhere.


Powerful algorithms that deliver highly reliable results, even for people with bone deformity and knee misalignment.


Fitknees is pre equipped with endless possibilities for assessment of other joints. Constant updates at zero cost to you!

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fitknees app, fitknees, ashva


Why is Fitknees a Breakthrough?

Apart from it’s state-of-the-art technology and design, Fitknees puts you at ease before you do the same for your patients. Here are a few ways in which Fitknees can help transform your practice forever:

For Physio

For Patients


Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check these out to see if we’ve answered them already!

Fitknees provides accurate measurements which may not be achieved through manual methods. It eliminates the concept of inter-tester reliability which means that the data remains constant and accurate no matter who the tester is. The product is also a step forward in enhancing the patient's experience. With it's non-invasive and non-repetitive procedure, Fitknees improves on the traditional doctor-patient dynamics.

The evaluation of gait patterns by and identifying specific problems is a very important part of a patient's rehabilitation process. Fitknees supplements the process with quantitative data and helps physiotherapists add objectivity to the assessment. With the product's features, one can document and record temporal and spatial variables of a person's gait accurately. This provides a therapist with vital information and adds credibility to diagnosis and prognosis. Fitknees overcomes the problems of observational methods or manual methods by producing quantitative values that are reliable. Most importantly, fitknees save clinicians large amounts of time and energy. 

Thanks to our ingenious manufacturing and free software, fitknees costs around 50% of the next most affordable comprehensive knee assessment device. For precise estimations, please reach out to our sales team through the Contact Us section below and we can have a good chat!

While it's not possible for patients to buy it directly, if they contact us, we can help them connect to the nearest clinic or physio we have partnered with for using or purchasing the product. Another alternative is them telling their physio about this and they consequently reach out to us for the same.

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Prompt customer service is of utmost import to us. We’re always glad to answer any of your questions.


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